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Our Summer Beach House in North Carolina
Below are some photos of the shore house we own in NC.  We travel 10 hours to get to it almost 4 times a year.  We usually keep two weeks for ourselves at the end of August [Peek Hurricane Season].  The rest of the summer is usually booked by the end of the winter season.

The Front Door
The Dinning and TV Room on 2nd Floor
The Kitchen is also on the 2nd Floor
The Master Bedroom with Private bath on 4th Floor
My Little Brother's Room
on the 3rd Floor
Me and my other Brother's Room on 4th Floor
View of the Living from the Dinning Area, Living Room is on 1st Floor
The Beach.  NOTHING like the Jersey Beaches! (There was an overcast the day these photos were taken)
Yes, it's true!  You do get to pick between a PRIVATE pool or the uncrowded beach

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