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Photo Gallery
Of all the images I have of the late Titanic, this one is my fav. It's an image of First-Class Stateroom B-58.
Sailed April 10 and Sunk April 15 in 1912

This is what I call "The Elevator Massacre" (hehe, inside joke)
It was taken at Ellis Island, NY in the spring of 1996, when my
friends and I were in the 7th grade.
[From Right: Trevor, Lindsay & Myself]
(My EX-Friend, Brian, took the picture [it's a long story])

My Grandparents
Andrew & Mary Salansky
January 20th, 1942
[My Grandfather died in 1996, and is buried in northern PA]
(My Grandmother lives in Plainfield, near my Aunts)

This is part of the cast from one of my fav. movies,
Clue filmed in 1985.
It may have been a flop, but it still is one of
the funniest movies I've seen!

This is me and my BEST friend Trevor on
"Steel Force" at Dorney Park, in PA
[My friend really isn't that 'big' it was the air blowing up his shirt.]

The Dinning Room and Lounge on the RMS Mauritania,
sister ship to the late RMS Lusitania.
Launch June 6, 1906 - Sunk May 7, 1915

The Shadow, filmed in 1994
Evita, filmed in 1996
The Saint, filmed in 1997

Here's the beach where we vacation a least
four times a year!

 SS United States as it looks today, moored in Philly,
it's future is uncertain.
She was the fastest ship in the World.  Now look at her!
Can't you just tell the SS United States was a 50's ship by the photos??

The Andrea Doria, sunk after being ramed by a
Swiss Passenger ship in the 50's.  She was an Italian vessel
and the pride of Italy at the time.
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