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The Shadow
[PG-13]  Filmed: 1994

Alac Baldwin (The Shadow/Lamont Cranston)
Penelope Ann Miller (Margo Lane)
John Lone ( Shiwan Khan)

Alec Baldwin brings the legendary crime fighting superhero vividly to life in this lavish action adventure.  Pitted against him is Shiwan Khan (John Lone), last descendent of the great Ganghis Khan who conquered half the world.  Now, Shiwan Khan plans to the job with a new and better weapon: the atomic bomb.  
The Shadow, mysterious alter-ego of wealthy New York playboy, Lamont Cranston, dons his sweeping black cape and disguise whenever crime surfaces.  Besides his ability to "cloud men's minds," he has his own network of helpful people whose lives he's saved, a romantic involvement with telepathic socialite Margo Lane (Penelope Ann Miller), and secret dark side.  However, he's never tangled with anyone like Khan, an enemy whose strength and occult powers match his own.  When those two square off, they're destined for a spectacular battle - with the fate of humanity riding on it's result. 

Sound Clips
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Length of Clip
2.15 MB
2 min. 41 sec.
Roy Tam bring reused by the Shadow on the Brooklyn Bridge
848 KB
1 min. 02 sec.
Lamont and Margo in a NYC Chinese Restaurant. 
142 KB
10 sec.
Farley Claymore asking Margo when is she going to go and see his beryllium sphere
746 KB
54 sec.
Lamont/The Shadow clouding his uncle's mind. 
1.05 MB
1 min. 18 sec.
The song sung in the Cobalt Club
183 KB
13 sec.
Margo asked her father....
1.34 MB
1 min. 41 sec.
Roy Tam with the Shadow in his personal cab. 
82.1 KB
06 sec.
Head gangster asking if the cement is dry around Tam's feet.
899 KB
1 min. 05 sec.
Meet with the man who would change his life. 
513 KB
37 sec.
Yinco making a promise to...
(Before the Shadow Days)
366 KB
26 sec.
Margo telling Farley why she does return his calls.
1.46 MB
1 min. 50 sec.
The music at the very beginning of the movie, when the titles are popping up.
158 KB
11 sec.
Yinco tell his marksmen to shoot through his.... 
(Before the Shadow Days)
244 KB
17 sec.
Secret identification phrase
934 KB
1 min. 08 sec.
Margo asking her father if he believes in... 

Stills from the Movie


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