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As many of you know I have ICQ as do some of my friends.  It was just today I discovered a feature in this program, that I really like.  You can send short voice messages or phrases to the person your "talking" to.  If there is ever anything funny recorded while I'm chatting, I'll post it here.  The sounds don't take up more then 60KB

My friends and I have a weird sense of humor, just to let you know before hand.
I have the sound of my voice when it's recorded!!

August 05, 1999
Chatting:  Ashley B. & Me
That is just a damn shame, Jimmy, a damn shame.
When you steal my sun shine in an Oldsmobile!
It's an Oldmobile, I say old chap, an Oldsmobile
Yes, it's that jolly good feeling in an Oldsmobile!
You know what, I'll kick you in the ****, so I have the advantage!
Yes, well thank you, I am the king in my Oldsmobile!
No comment from my Oldsmobile!
It's not a car, it's an Oldsmobile!
That's not a car! It's and Oldsmobile!
Yes, well I'm sorry that I'm not as talented and amazing in the Oldsmobile!
It's the feeling I feel in my Oldsmobile!
More to come in the future!!

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