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Parts of My Titanic Spy Novel
I've been working on this since the fall of '98.  It's turning out to be really good.  I might even have it published one of these days or just post it on the web for everyone to read. 
I've two of the better parts of it posted below
I am aware that there are mistakes. I need to do more editing

James Chambers - A British secret agent onboard with another agent to complete a set of assignments.
Annie Banks - The other agent onboard and James's contact.
Daisy Brentmore - An old friend of James's and a private-eye.  She like's sticking her noise into other people business and gets paid for it!
Col. Zeitel - James will cross paths with this gentleman in his first mission.  He's a very strange and secretive person who wouldn't be crossed that often.
Hans Vanderbilt - Hans is Zeitel's protégé and is on his way to America to study the works of Omar Kayam.  He also has things up his sleeve that aren't that pleasant for James and Annie.

    In this scene Annie and James are snooping around in Hans's suite looking for clues, when he returns.  What will happen to them if Hans finds them in his suite?
    They looked around the suite bedroom for a while but didn't find anything.  They were just about to move through the bathroom and into the next room when James heard the sound of metal against metal.  Someone was coming into the suite.  Annie and James rushed through the Bathroom and into the next room, closing the bedroom door behind them.  They stood by the door and listened.  James could hear someone move about the other half of the suite.  Then came the sound of shoes on the tiled floor of the bathroom.
    “James! I know that’s you and your little lady friend in there,” a voice rang out.  This door locks every time it is closed and you have no way out.  On the table in the Sitting Room is a little ticking gift I put together, for you.  You and your lady friend should have a blast with it. Good-Bye!”
    James could Hans walk back across the tiled floor and the slam of a door.  He was gone.  What had he meant by a “ticking gift?” From where they were standing, James and Annie could hear the faint ticking of a clock.  The sound was coming from behind another door.  It was the door leading to the Sitting Room.  James slowly opened to door and he and Annie walked in.
     On the table that was in the Sitting Room of the suite was a bomb.  Hans had created a time bomb with enough TNT to blow the whole ship into steel toothpicks.  TNT was everywhere, wires going to five large crates full of it.  Hans used the clock that was on the mantel of the fireplace as the timer, it was set to go off in five minutes.  On the table was a note from Hans, it read:
This bomb I’ve put together is to illuminate you, Chambers.
You have messed around with German business for long enough.  Now you must pay with you life.  It will go off in 7 minutes after it is armed.  There is no way out of this one. See you in hell.  –Hans-

    “What are we going to do?” Annie screamed out.
    “I don't know, James said, I really don't know!”
    “We have to come up with an idea on what to do with it.”
    “We could disarm it.”
    “How?  We both have no clue on how to disarm a bomb.”
    “WHAT! Didn't they teach you that in ‘contact’ school?”
    “NO! Now don't get mouthy with me Chambers.  Remember, I control your pay check.”
    “Well in a few minutes, I won’t have to give a rat's ass about my pay check because, hum, I'M BE DEAD!  Now think of something!”
    “We could throw it out the porthole.  It would sink straight to the bottom and then explode, with no harm done to us or Titanic.”
    “It's too heavy for both of us.  Come on, think of a better plan.”
    “I don't see you coming up with any ideas.”
    “Why don't we through it out the porthole?”
    “What did I just say??  Oh, go look around to see if Hans left some notes behind.  Maybe there will be something there that will help us.  Go look over in that desk.”
    James went over to the desk.  The top draw was stuffed with gobs of paper.  Written on them were instructions written in German.
    “Annie, you know a little German was does it say on these papers?”
    “I don't know that much!”
    “Would you just try, we don't have much time left.
    Annie took them and started to flip through them.  She finally found a sheet that had some info on it on how Hans made the bomb.
    “It says that most of the wiring is in the main console on that table.”
    “How should I open it.”
    “I don't know, this is becoming too stress full.  Why don't we throw it out one of the portholes.  It will go off in the ocean and there will be no harm done.”  Annie said.
    “NO! NO!  This little rime works for me all the time.  Red we're dead.  Blue, we're through.  Yellow we're mellow.”
    “Your crappy rime won’t work in this case because the wires are Green, Purple, and Orange!  Out the porthole it goes!”
    “I don't know.  That sounds like the easy way out. “
    I don't care if it's the easy way out, there's a minute and a half left.  We can either throw it out the porthole or get killed.  Which is it going to be??”
    “A minute and a half! The easy way out is what we're going to do.” James said as he picked out one of the crates filled with TNT.
     Together James and Annie dumped the large bomb out the porthole.  There was 10 second left on the timer when the bomb hit the water.  A few moments later the bomb exploded with a huge bust of water rushing to the surface.
    “Now, what?”
    “We get the hell out of here! That’s what!”

    In this scene, Titanic is already half sunk.  James has just found out, Daisy has returned to her cabin, and he gets worried because the ship has sunk so deep into the ocean,  that the water is most likely rushing onto E-Deck, the deck Daisy's cabin is on.  Will James have enough time to save Daisy, before she get caught in the waters of the sea and drown?

    The sound of shattering glass is what woke him.  The wineglasses had toppled over.  The time is 12:30 am.  He noticed that the ship was at an unruly slant. James could hear objects, like dishes, toppling over onto the floor somewhere, far below.  James went over to the door and rang the bell.  The door opened and Etches walked in.
    “What are you still doing here?  The ship is sinking!” Etches exclaimed.  “Get your life belt, from on top of your armoire, and get up to the Boat Deck.  Here’s my boat pass.”
    “I could never take your boat pass.”
    “You must take it, I’m not leaving this ship until all of my passengers are off safely.”
    “All right, if you insist.  Has Miss Banks gotten onto a boat yet?”  James asked
    “Yes, she is safe in Boat #6, which departed fifteen minutes ago.  Before she got into it, though, she told me to make sure you were all right.  Now get up to the boats!” said Etches.
    “Wait, what about Mrs. Brentmore?”
    “The last time I saw her was about two minutes ago, when she was rushing down below.  I think her cabin is on E-Deck.  She was mumbling something about a very important object she had left in her cabin.”
    “Oh, dear God!  E-Deck is most likely more then half flooded by know!  Thank you Etches,” James said as he ran out of his Stateroom.
     James ran to the Lifts, but lift attendant tried to stop him,
    “I’m sorry, sir, but the lifts are closed,” the attendant said.
    “Fine, you won’t take me down then I’ll go down myself!” James said as he pushed the attendant out of the way.
     With the attendant on the floor, James jumped into the lift, closed the gates and pushed the lever down for the lift to move.
    “Come on you piece of crap!  Move faster!  Modern technology, my ass!”
    He finally reached E-Deck and Chambers jumped from the lift and proceed to find Daisy.  As he traveled forward, James saw something lying in the middle of the corridor.  It was Daisy!  She had apparently passed out while going back to her cabin.  It was getting late and the water was starting to come into the hallway and the walls moaned with the water pressure.  He tried to wake Daisy, but she was out cold.  To help her start to breathe again, James rolled her over and undid her corset.  She still wouldn’t wake up.  The water was now starting to lap at her feet.
    “The hell with this,” James said and through her over his shoulders and started down the hallway.
    The water was now starting to come in faster and the walls moaned loader with the constant pressure of the in coming water.  As James pulled Daisy into the lift he heard the water pouring over one of the all too short bulkheads.  He closed the gate and started back.  Then all of a sudden a sound of bursting seams and wrenching metal tore through the near silence in the air.  One of the bulkheads had bucked under the pressure and now water started to pour into the lift shaft!  Water came in at an amazing rate.  It came up into the moving lift and starting to swirl around Daisy who was on the floor.
    “Shit!” shouted James.
    Then the lift short circuited and came to rest, falling five feet short of the D-Deck landing and leaving a gap at the top of the lift car.
    “Double Shit!!” shouted James.
    James forced the gates open and grabbed Daisy to pushed her limp body up through the gap.  The lift is filling fast and James has barely enough time to save himself.
    The lift was now totally submerged.  The lights from E-Deck showed the eerie green of the water.
    Daisy started to stir and she finally woke up.
    “What happened? Why am I wet?” she questioned.
    “You passed out in a hallway down on E-Deck and almost died, if it weren’t for me,” James explained.
    “The last thing I remember is taking the lift down here and then I blacked out.
     “We have to hurry, the water is starting to seep through those doors.” James said. “Do you have the strength to get up those stairs?”
    “I don't know, let go and see if there’s a steward around.  I need something to drink.” she said
     They went through the Reception Room and into the Dinning Saloon.  There wasn’t a steward to be found.
    “You wait here, I go and see if can dig something up for you in the Pantry.
     Daisy sat down at one of the tables in the huge Dining Saloon, while James went through the doors and into the Pantry.
Once in the Pantry, James went to the Refrigerator that had a sign stating, “1st-Class Saloon Wine and Ale”.  He opened it to find all wine.  Looking very quickly through the cabinet, James came across a bottle whiskey.  James took two glasses and the whiskey and returned to the Saloon.
    “Drink as much as this as possible, if you have enough your body will start to get num.  Once we’re the water, you will have a better chance at surviving.” James explained.
They sat together watching the water very slowly creep into the room. Then an all too formally sound of buckling of metal plates.  Another bulkhead had burst and the water was starting to seep through the carpeting and through the doors to the Reception Room.  They swung open when the water flowed passed them.  James and Daisy sat and drank their whiskey until the water flowed through half of the room.  With the rising water, chairs started to float around and the dishes and silver fell to the floor.
    “We have to get out of here,” Daisy said.  “We can’t go back through the Reception Room.”
    “I saw a spiral staircase in the Galley, we can escape that way.”  James said as they stumbled into the Galley, half-drunk.  The stairs led into the a la Carte Restaurant.  Daisy and James ran through the Restaurant to find that the doors were locked.  James started to bang on the doors while Daisy wandered aimlessly through the room.
    “La, La, La, La LaaaaaaaaaaHey!  Lookey here!” said as she flicked the lead glass windows with a plink.  “IT’S GLASS!  Watch This!  What kind of sound does glass make when it brakes?  Let find out!  Daisy said as she threw a chair through the windows separating the Café Parisian and Restaurant. She then climbed through the now shattered window and said, Hey! Look at me!  I’m, uh, who broke the window?!”
    “Daisy!  What hell you are doing!?  Use the door!”
    “Ahohhhh!  Hang on I’ll be right there!”  she said as she opened the doors connecting the Restaurant to the Parisien Café.
    “Okay, let’s go,” James said.
    “Go where?”  Daisy asked.
    “Off this damn ship!”
    “Oh, okay!  How?”
    “Crap!  Just follow me Daisy.”

In this scene, James and Annie are having dinner in the Dinning Room.  There table is one right next to the one used in Cameron's movie.  Rose, Jack and the whole gang are sitting down to dinner.  See what happens to Jack when James does something about is presence in 1st-Class.

    James walked down to the D-Deck Reception and meet Annie.  The room had white paneling and the low reddish glow of what was left of the sun was flowing through the lead glass bay-windows.  Along with the glow from the sun, the room was lit with light fixtures on the richly molded ceiling.  Annie was sitting at one of the table settings.  James walks over to her and sits down.
     “Geez, there’s a lot of people in here,” he comments.
     “Yeah, look over there, it’s the Astors,” Annie mentions, “ He’s one of the wealthiest people in America and on this ship.  His family stuck it rich in the fur trade and has since gone into the hotel industry.  He is the part owner of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.  See his wife there?  She’s nineteen and she’s now five-months pregnant.
     “Really?  What about that elderly couple over there?”
     “That’s Isador and Ida Straus.  They are the founders of Macy’s Department Store in New York.  He is a former member of   Congress and a personal friend of former-President Grover Clevland.  Oh, and look over there, here come the Ryersons.  I’m surprised to see that Emily has showed up for dinner.”
     “Her eldest was killed in an auto accident last week in Pennsylvania or so I’ve heard.  The funeral is going to take place two days after we arrive in New York.  She rarely leaves her cabin, never mind making public appearances. Standing over there by the Duff-Gordon’s is Cal Hockley and Ruth Burkat-Backer.  Her daughter, Rose is scheduled to marry Cal sometime in the near future.  She’s standing over there with that guy.  I haven’t seen him around.  Seems odd, I thought I saw someone who looked just like him on the 3rd-Class Promenade.  He was drawing in a leather notebook.  Well, anyway, Cal is a suitor to Rose and Ruth is making her marry him to save her reputation.  Her husband just died last year and left a bunch of bad debts.  I personally think he is too slick and a real ass.  Shall we go eat now?”
     “Yes, I’m starving,” James said as he got up from his seat.
     “I’ll prompt you on your next mission.  I’ll start you out slow and then we’ll move to something a little more difficult,” Annie says as she takes James’s arm.
    Together they walk into the Dinning Room through a set of double-doors.  They take one of the tables set for four people.  The room is huge, almost 115 feet long and spans the full width of the ship.  A faint orange glow flows through the lead glass windows.  As the Reception Room, the Dinning Saloon are painted white with richly molded ceilings.  James eased into the green leather chair.  A waiter walks up and pours wine into one of the many glasses already on the table.
    “Thank you, can you please bring me a shot of whiskey?” James says.
    “Of course sir.  I’ll be right back,” the waiter says.
The waiter leaves and starts to talk about the case.  James trails off and tunes her out.  Listening to the conversation that is going on at the next table.  It was the largest table in the Dinning Saloon with room to seat about 12 people.  That was the table where all of the rich and famous usually sat and talked.  The strange kid, Rose was talking to in the Reception, was sitting there as well.
    “Tell us of the accommodations in 3rd-Class, Mr. Dawson.  I hear they are quite good on this ship,” Ruth says.
    “The best I’ve seen, ma’am.  Hardly any rats,” Dawson says and everyone laughs.
    Just then the waiter walks back with the whiskey James had order earlier.
    “The Pantry only had bottles of wine on stock so I had to go up the bar by the Smoking Room.  I brought the bottle with me just in case you wanted more.  Shall I leave it here?”
    “No thank you, I only wanted one,” James replies.
    As the waiter was walking away, the steward with the caviar, walked up.
    “How do you take your caviar, sir?” he asked.
    “On crackers, if you please,”
    “Of, course and you ma’am?”
    “Same.  Caviar on a cracker.”
    James scoops some of the caviar into one of his many spoons and puts it into the “cat-a-polt position.”  He pulls the spoon back and the caviar flies through the air and hits Dawson on the side of the head.
    “What the ****!?” Dawson yells out as everyone at his table bursts out laughing.
    “Now, why did you do that?”  Annie asked and moves on with the conversation.  As I was saying, we have reason to believe that the Conkling’s Steel mill has been cutting corners in their production of steel.  They were the company who provided the steel for this very ship.”
    “Damn, that kid was starting to annoy me.  Anyway, who provided us with this information?”
    “There’s a women, traveling in 2nd-Class, who used to work for the Conklings.  She said that she and her brother were scheduled to travel on the SS Philadelphia, but the departure of that ship was canceled and all of it’s passengers were transferred to the Titanic.  Titanic needed the coal from the Philadelphia, there’s a coal stick going on, you know.  Tell me something, why did you just fling that caviar at that man over there?”
    “He’s a fraud.  He looks like he’s from 1st-Class, but he holds a 3rd-Class ticket.  This isn’t right,” James explained as he gets up.
    “Don’t start anything big,” Annie warned.
    James gets up from the table and walks up to the steward standing by one of the many support columns.  The steward gets a stern face on and snips his fingers.  Two other, larger stewards walk beside him as they approach, the Dawson table.  As they walk up, the people sitting at the Dawson table look up from their entrees.  The steward taps Dawson on the shoulder.
    “It has been brought to our attention that you hold a 3rd-Class ticket.  This is a 1st-Class area and your presence here is most inappropriate.  Dave, Justin, please show this man to the 3rd-Class areas and make shore he stays there.”
The two men grab Dawson and drag him out of the Dinning Saloon and out of sight into the Reception Room.
    “Make it count Rose!  Make it count!” Dawson yells as he’s dragged from the room.
    A few moment later, everyone in the Dinning Saloon has turn back to there tables and started up from where they left off in their conversation.  James returns to his table and rejoins Annie.
    “We really don’t know how the Conklings are cutting corners, but we have a lead.  The passenger I mentioned before is named Jane Leene.  We got all of this information from a private-eye I put on the Conklings.  Her name is Daisy Brentmore.  She’s traveling here in 1st-Class, cabin E-17, at the bureau’s expense,” Annie explained further.
    “I’ve worked with Daisy before; on one or two of my other missions.  We became somewhat friends.  I didn’t know she was onboard!”
    “She’s here to also help you along with you missions.  If you can’t find, myself, then go to her to see if she can help.  In fact she’s sitting over there with the Allisons.”
    James turns and indeed, sitting across the room was Daisy with the Allisons.  She is wearing a dark blue dress, she always loved the color blue.  Just then a waiter walked up with their entree.  He places a plate of lamb with mint sauce in front of James.  James picks up one of the forks and starts to eat.  The lamb is the best he’s had in years, not to mention its from an ocean liner.  Annie goes on to explain the mission.
    “When Ms. Leene learned she was pregnant, she up and left the Conkling Residence with her older, very protective brother.     Go to the purser and ask which cabin she is staying in.  Then send word to her to meet somewhere.  I suggest the Poop Deck, there’s an easy entrance to it through the Well Deck, from the aft Promenade Deck.  You’ll see the way once you’re there.”
    “I’ll go and send that message now.  The purser’s office is just upstairs.  I’ll be right back,” James said as he put his napkin on the table.
    He left the Dinning Saloon and went to the Purser’s Office.
    “Yes, may I help you?” the Purser asked from behind his counter.
    “I would like the cabin number of 2nd-Class passenger Jane Leene.”
    The Purser turns and starts to flip through his passenger book.  “Ms. Leene is in cabin E-85.  Would you like me to send her a message.  She’ll get within the hour.”
    “Yes that would be nice,” James says as the Purser takes a pad and pen.  “I would like it to say: Ms. Leene, I would like to meet with you on the Poop Deck, this concerns the ordeal you went through with the Conklings.  J. Chambers.”
    “Got it, I’ll send it right away.”
    “Thank you,” James says and returns to the Dinning Saloon.
    “The message will be sent within the hour.  What happens if she doesn’t show?”  James asked as he takes another bit. “What’s the point of this mission, anyway?”
    “If she doesn’t show, personally go to her cabin and speak with her.  Try to find out why she left the Conklings and what other information you can.”
    “Oh, I’ll get the most out of her.”
    “The point of this mission is prove that Conkling Steel has indeed been cutting corners in their production.  Maybe there’s a note or letter or something.  Mr. Conkling is going to keep this a closely guarded secret, so if there was a letter or note, he’ll keep it with him.  Try to get into his cabin,” Annie said as the waiter placed desert on the table.
    For the remainder of the meal, Annie and James just talked.

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